About Us...

A cozy Maine Coon Cattery, located in Bucharest, Romania, started from our crazy love for our two first males. We created an obsession for breeding these lovely creatures. We love them, cherish them, spoil them and in return we receive their purring love. Our cats are regularly checked and monitored by our vets. Our goal is to breed healthy cats with a lovely temper and magnificent type. The well being of our cats is our first priority. You can follow us in our journey into the beautiful world of cats through our social media but also by meeting us at the cat shows that we attend worldwide.

Dear friend welcome to my website,

Langstteich’s Grand Tamborin

You are probably looking for The Mojo's, I cannot tell you where they are right now, but I can tell you a little bit about us, the cats. We are two brothers, Candid Blue and Elrond. We are the offspring of a Noble cat family from Romania, RO*Panco’s. Immediately after our birth the Mojo's, the ones that you are looking for, made everything in their power to abduct us.

RO*Mojo's Cristi
RO*Mojo's Cloudberry