‘The breed’


The Maine Coon breed of cats have been officially recognized by FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) in 1982. The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats, with very distinctive physical aspects. Those aspects stand at the basis of the FIFe standards regarding this breed of cats.

FIFe MCO Standards


Maine Coon cats are originally from the state of Maine, US. Legends says that another version of how these cats got their name is that they arrived in the New World by boats who belonged to British Captain Charles Coon who sailed for New England in the 1800s. These cats were called ``Coon's cats``. Others believe that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, who was executed in 1793, attempted to flee to the New World before her execution sending her beloved cats (Turkish Angora) on board an escape ship. She didn't make it, but her cats did. After her cats bred with the indigenous cats, the result was the development of the modern Maine Coon breed. Nobody knows for sure, but the legends and folk tales are magnificent.


Maine Coon Cats are intelligent, trainable, described as ``dog like”. These cats are devoted, playful and loving to humans. Maine Coons make a wonderful family pet, they are sweet and lovable. The best friend that you can ever have. Maine coon kittens are a little bundle of love. These giant cats contradict their wild look with their sweet, loving and friendly behavior. This specific breed is very child-friendly and gets along great with other pets. No wonder their nickname is ``The Gentle Giants``.


The breed of Maine Coon is large framed with square outline of the head, large ears, broad chest, solid bone structure, a long, hard muscled rectangular body and long flowing tail. Good muscle tone and density give the cat the appearance of power and robustness. The head is medium in size, square outlined and with a gentle concave slope profile. The ears are large, wide at the base and moderately pointed. Lynx-tufts are a distinctive aspect of this breed. The eyes are large and widely set. Slightly oval, but not almond shaped, appear round when wide open. The Maine Coon has a dense all weather coat . Short on the head, shoulders and legs, becoming gradually longer down the back and sides.