Dear friend welcome to our website

You are probably looking for The Mojos, I cannot tell you where they are right now, but I can tell you a little bit about us, the cats. We are two brothers, Candid Blue and Elrond. We are the offspring of a Noble cat family from Romania, RO*Panco’s. Immediately after our birth the Mojos, the ones that you are looking for, made everything in their power to abduct us.

At the beginning we did not know what happened to us, but little by little we got used with our new territory. We underlined “ours”, because the only thing remaining unsolved between us and the Mojo’s, is the territory. It seems that the Mojos do not understand anything about ownership. They sleep in our bed, use our bath, stay on our couch and covers themselves with our blankets. We tried explaining to them many times that we don’t like their attitude, in a very adequate tone and language, like :” meow, meow, meeeeeeow, meooooow, meow”, but they always respond by caressing us, hugging us and telling us that they love us. Their answer do not make more space in our bed so we always insist with our preach, then things become very strange, they run to the kitchen messing around with our food and try to corrupt us with all kind of delicacies. Still we remain incorruptible…Nevertheless, we get used to the ogres and their stubbornness, now at least they know who are the bosses in that house.

As a hobby we like traveling a lot, especially abroad participating at different cat shows. You know, meeting friends killing our time with some chit chat. But, you guessed right, the Mojos stalk us there also. They stay all day round with their friends talking about us. They always wonder about how shiny and silky our coat is, how big our ear tufts are, how long our tail or how strong and muscular our body is. Their envy upsets us, we are not to blame for them losing their hair, having their tail cut, or being gifted by nature with small round ears not good for hearing. Strangely, at the end, after gossiping about us all day long, they ask for forgiveness by offering shiny gifts embellished with colorful ribbons. We don’t really understand them, but who cares, overall we like it on the road trip and at least we have the occasion to meet old and new friends.

After all those trips, we realized though, that nowhere is as good as sweet home, even with the Mojos in it. So, here we built our family with our pussycat queens, our mistresses (shhht ? that’s a secret), cousins, sons and daughters. We take care of all our family to get proper attention from the first steps in life, proper health care, only premium cat food and good education. As fathers, uncles, cousins and grandfathers we give the chance to all house youngsters to choose their own path in life. So only after they become 4 months old and being confident that they can stand on their own paws, we ask them what they would like to do with their life. Some choose to spend their time near other ogres like the Mojos (what can I say, it is hereditary), others like partying more and run after boys or girls. As their protectors and mentors, we believe that we’ve done a pretty good job, none of them had chosen the streets being a stray cat.

If you feel like it, we invite you to look into the rest of our website and to meet our family. If you would like to ask us or to share anything with us, do not hesitate to contact us, you can find our contact data in the “Contact” section. Please be careful regarding what you are writing in the emails, we have a hunch that the Mojos are snooping around our mail. So feel free also to chat us on Facebook.


Candid Blue & Elrond